Trump decided to mobilize the military to stop the unrest in the United States

Us President Donald trump said that he will mobilize all resources to stop the unrest in the country, and threatened to enter the army where the authorities refuse to use the National guard.
I will mobilize all available Federal resources, civil and military, to stop rioting and looting, put an end to destruction and arson, and protect the rights of law – abiding Americans, ” trump said, speaking at the White house.
According to the politician, he urged the Governor to deploy the National guard in sufficient numbers. If the state refuses to take actions that can protect the lives of Americans, it promised to deploy the US armed forces there and “solve this problem.”

Riots in the United States began after Minneapolis police officers detained an African-American man, George Floyd, on may 25. During the arrest, the police officer knelt on the man’s neck. Floyd screamed that he was choking, but the law enforcement officers ignored him. As a result, the man died in intensive care. This caused mass protests and riots in the United States.

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